Blues jam tracks in various styles, keys and tempos. Click and listen.

Slow Gritty Blues

It don't get much grittier.

Shuffle Around the Blues

12 Tracks, 12 Keys. Cheap.

It's Goode to Be Johnny

Modern take on an old classic.

Bluesy Rock #1

The first of many.

Walkin' with My Baby Blues - FREE Jam Track

Don't ask. We don't know.

Up-Tempo Blues Shuffle

Blues Shuffle or Country Swing? You decide.

Takin' it Back Shuffle Blues

Take it back - or else!

Straight Blues in Bb

What is Straight Blues? Give it a listen.

Slow Blues in Am

Nothing like slow blues to practice interpretation.

Mr. Green's Blues

Yeah OK. Another blues number in G. But this one has a clever name!

More Blues in G

Blues. In the key of G. In 4. Play.

Minor Blues (Dm)

No this is not just for players under 21. Anyone can play with this.

Kinda Stormy

Seems like Mondays are always stormy around here.

Fast Blues in Db

Fast Blues in Db. Rockin. Two versions.

Basic Blues

What more is there to say? This is basic blues.

Country Blues 1

Is this Country Blues or Blues with a Country twang? Both?

Drivin' with My Baby Blues

Blues. Rock. Bluesrock. Play it either way.

Rock and Roll Blues

Inspired by British Rock and Rollers.