Stay Like You Are

Just like that. Don't even move.

Country Waltz 1

Like the title says. This is a waltz. Click to read the REAL history of the Waltz.

Up-Tempo Blues Shuffle

Blues Shuffle or Country Swing? You decide.

My Scootin' Boots Wanna Boogie

Hey! Let's do a line dance.

Country Dreamy

Is it a waltz? Is it a ballad? What the heck is this?

Medium Country Swing

A boot-tappin', two-steppin' Country swing number.

Country Blues 1

Is this Country Blues or Blues with a Country twang? Both?

Chet Country Train

Drivin' that Train...

Medium Country Boogie

Boogie. Lot's a different kinds of Boogie. This is a Country Boogie. Give a listen.

Amarillo Slow Country Ballad

Imagine sunsets on the lake and good fishin'. No bugs neither! Shoot this is way better 'n workin'!

Quick Country Folk Style

Folk-style pickin' tune. Grab me the fiddle, Clem. We be a hollerin' tonight!

Slow Country Ballad

Country Ballad. Yup. Ballad. You know, "Love Song" in city folk lingo.

Fast Country Train

Chchchchchoooooo Chooooooo. Get on the train boys! We're headin' to Memphis!