Wish You Were Here

I really wish you were here...

Smooth Bossa 1

No. Not "Smooth! Bossy one!"

Smiling Shadow

Ohhh! Creepy! Look! That shadow... it's SMILING!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHEEEEEEIIIII!

Medium Tempo ChaCha

You'll have a better chance making the band on Dancing with the Stars if you buy this track.

Medium Bossa

Bossanova. No, not a hot rodded late sixties GM Mid-size auto. Give a listen.

ChaCha 1

One, Two, ChaChaCha. Yeah, that's it! You've got it!

Jazz 1

Guitarists: Turn off your distortion pedal.

Fly Me

Fly me? Where? Oh I've never been to the moon. Let's go there.

A Little Night Jazz

Jazz is best listened to at night. Here is a little Night Jazz.

Larry's World

A tribute to a great guitarist that learned how to play - not once, but twice.